About Us

What is Zomorod?

Zomorod is a social and environmental transparent and accountable e-commerce platform. With our innovative business model, we help you find the right product, buy it online, and we receive referral commission fees from the sellers.

Is that all? We are happy to say NO!

We plant trees while you buy through Zomorod. We consume most of our profit in tree planting projects. We allocate the earned profit from the referral commissions to plant trees through our partners on the ground. Buy through Zomorod, and plant trees with every online purchase.

How does it work?

You search the Zomorod

Referrals generate income for Zomorod

Zomorod uses this income to plant trees worldwide

How we plant trees?

We plant projects through our partners on the ground.

Transparency and accountability

We publish our quarterly financial reports. We publish the receipt of donations to our partners on the ground. This is the way we think we are accountable and transparent enough towards our green vision.

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